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Full Version: Tell me!
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Guys may i know from you that the health app is featured in I phone 6 version or it supports every devices which has is 9 software. Hopefully you'll let me know about this.
You use S health.

S Health helps you stay fit by acting as a personal coach, trains and assists in achieving your daily goals.
Thanks accactg!! we will do it soon for sure what about you Adorree2?
i will also like to try it as soon as possible for sure.
Me too guys.

Do you know aboutTours Packages from San Francisco???
Well, That's good if you also will try out that..
I also try to use it as soon as possible and I am sure it will be good for me and other persons.
I will say accactg has suggest a good thing with us.
Yeah Jylan, He has suggested us good suggestion we all should try to apply on ourselves.
Really nice conversation is going here. I must say that I also try to follow this.