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Tell me! - Adoree2 - 03-12-2016

Guys may i know from you that the health app is featured in I phone 6 version or it supports every devices which has is 9 software. Hopefully you'll let me know about this.

RE: Tell me! - accactg - 04-21-2016

You use S health.

S Health helps you stay fit by acting as a personal coach, trains and assists in achieving your daily goals.

RE: Tell me! - Amery - 05-07-2016

Thanks accactg!! we will do it soon for sure what about you Adorree2?

RE: Tell me! - Angry bird - 05-07-2016

i will also like to try it as soon as possible for sure.

RE: Tell me! - nilofer - 06-28-2016

Me too guys.

Do you know aboutTours Packages from San Francisco???

RE: Tell me! - Angry bird - 07-25-2016

Well, That's good if you also will try out that..

RE: Tell me! - Jaylan - 08-15-2016

I also try to use it as soon as possible and I am sure it will be good for me and other persons.
I will say accactg has suggest a good thing with us.

RE: Tell me! - Angry bird - 08-16-2016

Yeah Jylan, He has suggested us good suggestion we all should try to apply on ourselves.

RE: Tell me! - Alina - 06-15-2017

Really nice conversation is going here. I must say that I also try to follow this.