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Coldest Places - Alina - 09-08-2017

My uncle had shared with me some Coldest Places names which are located On the Earth. Ia m going to share those places names here.
 Eismitte, Greenland
Verkhoyansk, Russia
Snag Yukon, Canada
Mount McKinley, Alaska
Fort Selkirk – Yukon, Canada
Eureka – Nunavut, Canada
Have you any idea about these places?

Have you ever take tours to niagara falls from boston?

RE: Coldest Places - Amery - 09-14-2017

All these names would be really useful for tourists. being a tourist I know that the Canada is the coldest place not only of North America but from the world's entire coldest places. That's why i am really confident about Eureka, Fort Selkirk and Snag Yukon but other places are new for me, Would you like to help members know about these places?